General Listing Rules

Rules that every poster must follow. We will politely remind those who mistakenly violate these rules to update their listings, but repeat offenders will have their listings removed from the site.

  • Please post items only in one location; preferably the location in which you are geographically located.
  • Please do not post items multiple times. Each poster may have a ‘summary listing’ which contains all the items they have for sale, trade or are in search of along with an individual listing for each item, but you may not repeatedly list the same item to circumvent the bumping policy.
  • Do not use other people's images in your listing - doing so can make others think you are a scammer. If you cannot take your own picture for whatever reason, use a stock photo. Listings which have 'borrowed' images will generally be deactivated and the poster investigated to ensure they are not a scammer.
  • If "Friends and Family" terms are included in the listing, it must also include an "add 3%" option. Friends and Family payments leave buyers no recourse in the event that they are scammed, and we advise that people always use the "pay for goods or services" option.
  • Do not place unrelated keywords or tags in your listing. This isn't Craig's List.
  • If you have an asking price for your item, please put it in the ‘Price’ box so it can easily be seen by those browsing listings. Do not put one price in the ‘Price’ box and another in your listing.
  • If you are seeking offers please select “make an offer” in the currency field.
  • When selecting categories for the item in your listing, please only select the category your item or items accurately fit into. Please do not select all categories as this only frustrates users, and do not paste keywords into your listing.
  • Once an item is sold or otherwise no longer available, please deactivate the listing.

Auction Rules

Rules for all participants – buyers, bidders and sellers – to abide by.

  • When you bid on an item you are contractually obligated to buy the item if you make the winning bid or submit a ‘Buy It Now’ offer that is accepted. It is your responsibility to ensure you are legally able to receive the item and that the seller’s terms allow you to do so before bidding or making an offer. Buyers who fail to adhere to these rules may be banned from the site, particularly if they do so in violation of the site’s terms and conditions.
  • As a seller you are responsible for setting the correct reserve price, minimum bid and selecting who can bid on your auction . If a seller wins an item you are contractually obligated to sell it to them, provided that it would not violate the site’s Terms and Conditions, the law, or a reasonable interpretation of your own terms and conditions.

General Site Rules

  • All users are contractually and legally bound to our Terms and Conditions. Please read and familiarize yourself with them before using the site in any way.
  • Bottle-Spot strives to be an inclusive, welcoming community for everyone who is legally allowed to buy and consume alcohol. With that in mind, please conduct yourself in a polite, friendly, and welcoming manner when communicating on the site, be it in listings, messages, comment sections or anywhere else.
  • When communicating with prospective buyers, sellers, traders and others via any of the methods of communication features offered through Bottle-Spot, all users should conduct themselves professionally, and in line with the rules above. If an item is overpriced, flag it as such; if someone lowballs you, ignore them.
  • While rudeness, persistent negativity and overall bad attitudes are generally discouraged, racism, bigotry, misogyny, other forms of hate or threats of any kind will be met with an immediate and permanent ban from the site. If that isn’t obvious to you now, maybe just spare us all the trouble and move along.
  • Finally - A note on scammers of all sorts. We will avail ourselves of all legal remedies available, including publishing all identifiable information on known scammers and sharing them with law enforcement. This is not the place.

Posting Suggestions

These aren't rules, but following these tips will give you a better experience on Bottle-Spot and make you much more successful.

  • Always include at least one picture of the item (not a stock photo) when you are trying to sell or trade. Including a unique identified, such as a note with your user name in the image can help build trust with potential buyers.
  • Be as detailed as you can about the item you are listing - include provenance, how and where it was stored and any issues or concerns you might have about the item, including flaws or damage.
  • Include your personal terms and conditions.