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The bottles are being perfectly stored in my temperature and humidity controlled wine cellar. I have the whole collection listed, but I've decided to tackle it one case at a time... here is the current case being sold. You pay actual shipping costs or provide a label.

This case:
2015 Eclipse Imperial Stout Organge Wax
2015 Eclipse Imperial Stout White Wax
2011 JW Lees Harvest Ale limited edition 750ml
2017 KBS 750ml
Russian River Btewing Supplication 7/11/2014
Dogfish Head 120
Ommegang Three Philosophers 750ml
Founders Lizard of Oz 750ml
2014 JW Lees Harvest ale Sherry 275ml
2014 JW Lees Harvest Ale Calvados 275ml
Allagash Midnight Brett Ale 750ml
Captain Lawrence Barrel Select Gold sour 750ml
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