George Dickel 13yr BiB - WA Whiskey Of The Year Closed 

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  • Tuesday, December 3, 2019
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Up for Auction, Whiskey Advocate's 2019 Whiskey of the Year.

One of the great releases of 2019.

George Dickel 13 year Bottled in Bond.

Great Deal, when Smooth Ambler Old Scout 13 at 96 proof
from the same distillery can go for 3 times the price.

The reviews were amazing.

WhiskeyJug :
"This is a great Tennessee Whiskey and I can’t recommend it enough."

Paste :
"at only $36 it's an almost suspiciously great value for such a well-aged whiskey.
This is certainly one of the lowest-risk purchases you're going to make in the near
future, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the price rise substantially after its initial release."

Drinkhacker :
"Call me a skeptic no more! This is great stuff, at an amazing price for a whiskey of this age. 100 proof."

The winner will pay $15 for UPS shipping with tracking.
Shipping fee waived on extra bottles from me.