Extremely Rare PVW Stitzel Weller Poker Chip Set 

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Pappy Van Winkle Stitzel Weller Distillery - Extremely rare and one of a kind Poker Chip Set. This set was from a private estate of a liquor store owner in Oregon. It was being piece sold by an estate sale company for $125 per set before I rescued the set. There was originally 200 individually number sets. I purchased 143 of them. I could not see the set broken up any further as I thought it was a tragedy, so I made a bulk deal and bought as many remaining pieces as I could. All I can say is these chips are spectacular and they are of the same quality that you play with in the casinos of Monte Carlo. It is large enough to hold a poker game or small tournament. They are individually numbered and a shiny monogram that says "SW' & "Stitzel-Weller" on every piece. I will be keeping a few sets for myself. I have the following #'s (26-50) (54-124) (127-161) (163-172) & 175. More photos can be provided, these were taken at night inside my house. The condition is flawless and I used them once in a mini friends only poker tournament whiskey tasting event. The price for (140 Sets) is $12,600.00 shipped.
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