Ellijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch A119 

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I've already sold 2 bottles and this is my last bottle for sale.

The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is a limited release bourbon, aged 12 years and bottled straight from the barrel. This bottle is batch A119 bottled at 135.2 proof.

$100 with $15 shipping fee. Packed safely and securely. Shipped 2 day priority.

Paypal, Venmo, or Cashapp.


Released for the first time in the March 2013, each batch is a an uncut, unfiltered selection of Elijah Craig 12 Year. Each batch will vary both in flavor and in proof as is the nature of such releases. The "code" for the batches is as follows: The first letter of each batch indicates the order of the release for that year beginning with the letter "A" for the first batch, "B" for the second, and so on. Next is a number which reflects the month of the release, so "1" for January for example. The third and fourth digits reflect the year of the release. This batch number is printed on the front of each bottle along with the proof.

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