Sample Of Blanton's Chronicles Set Of 4 (50ML 5CL) 

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  • Monday, January 14, 2019
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Hey !

Sale of 1 set of 4 samples from my personal collection of Blanton's Chronicles (La Maison du Whisky paris)

The set includes :

50ML BARREL 882 68.3%
50ML BARREL 883 68.3%
50ML BARREL 884 55%
50ML BARREL 885 55%
FREE French specialty, saucisson (100% pure pork)

50ML (5CL) = 1.70 OZ


I have 2 SET left

The samples are secured by a hot wax.

I send via France! For references to ask me, I am very known on facebooks secondary sale pages, I can provide references of his last 6 years on my sales.

The sending of France takes in general of 5/8 days any detects of the speed of usps.

My packages are sent with a tracking number and insurance. the receipt of the parcel is done with usps delivery against signature and parcel followable in usa without any problem

A video will be sent with the package packaging

PPFF or Circle paid

Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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