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Huge collection... if interested in everything, make me an offer... individual prices listed below. These were all from a local estate that had recently been liquidated and they were stored in a temperature controlled dark room, upright. Amazing to find these in this condition. Must be 21 years old, for collectible purposes only. I will ship for $20 for the first bottle, and $5 for each additional. If you buy more than 6 bottles, shipping is free though. Willing to trade for only BTAC, Barrell Bourbon Batch 001, Wisers 35, Kentucky Owl Bourbon (not rye), FRSBLE 2013 and earlier or EH Taylor special releases.

Several Bottles of Canadian Club in original gift boxes:

CC 1968 w/ perfect tax stamps, $75 each (4) Fifth
CC 1969 w/ perfect tax stamps, $75 each (3) Fifth
CC 1979 w/ perfect tax stamps, $75 each (1) Fifth

Seagrams VO Canadian Whiskey 1979 tax stamp 1L $25

Windsor Supreme Canadian Whisky w/ tax stamp $50

Chivas 12 in box (2), $25 each

Dewar's White Label w/ tax stamps 1L ($50 each) x1
Dewar's White Label w/ stax stamp 4.5 quart ($40 each) x1
Dewar's White Label 750ml ($25) x1

Black & White Buchanan's dusty 750ml $25

J&B Rare Scotch 1 Quart w/ tax stamp $30
J&B Rare Scotch 4/5 Quart $25 (6) w/ gift boxes

Sorry these are sold:
SOLD Jack Daniel's Dusty I think 1982 because on bottom is has "155 35 82" w/ tax stamp with no numbers SOLD
SOLD Hennessy Bras Arme Congac w/ tax stamp, guessing 1965-1975 w/ box SOLD
SOLD I.W. Harper Gold Medal Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey believed 1967 because "67" on bottom w/ original gift box SOLD
SOLD Four Roses Premium American Light Whiskey w/ original red gift box & tax stamp, I believe this to be 1973 as there is a 73 on the bottom SOLD'CC 1966 w/ perfect tax stamps, SOLD
SOLD CC 1978 w/ perfect tax stamps, $75 each (1) Fifth SOLD
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