FS Large Format Scotch Whiskey Whisky Dustys boxes 

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So these are from a liquor store that was closing down that I was very lucky to get a hold of these... These are all mostly large format, 1/2 gallons... pretty rare... there is also a 1 gallon bottle! You can't even sell these anymore (no longer can you sell anything above 1.75L)... they don't get much more dusty than these! Most of these are from the 1970's.

All the tax stamps are intact, they bottles are sealed... this is the real deal.

1 Gallon Seagram's 7 Crown American Blended Whiskey SOLD

Half Gallon Johnnie Walker Red in original Box $250

Grant's Standard Scotch Whiskey 8... one in original box, one without box, half gallon 86 proof $100 each SOLD
Teacher's Scotch Whiskey half gallon 86 proog (SOLD)

Wilson American Blended Whiskey 1.75L 80 proof $75
Kinsey Silver Blended Whiskey 80 proof 1 quart $75
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