CBS Bomber Bottles 750ml 

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  • SirBourbon
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  • Thursday, January 3, 2019
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Canadian Breakfast Stout $45 each (750ml)


YOUR LABEL or actual seller's shipping CONUS Ground to your zip code.

In paying for the item/s, Buyer acknowledges acquiring for collectible value. Buyer is at least 21 years age. Seller warrants items arrive in undamaged condition or replaces free of charge. Seller Ship charges are for UPS Ground within CONUS. Seller will pay any overage of actual ship cost. Buyer takes possession upon acceptance from UPS, which includes buyer letting UPS leave package without signature in public or publicly accessible area. Seller, at seller's expense, will securely package items to assure product condition upon delivery. Buyer to notify seller within reasonable time from receipt of package if any damage, error, or other issue is experienced upon receipt.

DISCLAIMERS: The value of these bottles are in the rare, collectible nature of the sealed bottle, as the value of the container exceeds any retail price of the contents. If asked and after payment is received, I would be happy to remove the contents of the bottles in question prior to shipment or delivery to the buyer. Buyers must be 21 years or older and delivery will only be made to someone of legal age. By making an offer on these items you certify you are at least 21 years old and you are offering to buy this merchandise for the collectible nature of the bottles in question only, and not for the contents.
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