is the first and largest free international marketplace for buyers, sellers and traders of fine spirits, wines, craft beers and related items. At Bottle-Spot, users can browse thousands of listings from vendors and individuals, or create their own. Listing, buying and selling is and always will be 100% free, with a host of excellent buying, selling and listing management tools, as well as the opportunity to post auctions.

Bottle-Spot was founded in July of 2013 by two whisky, wine and craft beer enthusiasts who realized that there was no unified marketplace for rare and collectable spirits, wines and craft beers. Macro-marketplaces like Ebay and Craig's List forbid alcohol sales, and the latter functions poorly as a national or international marketplace. Bottle-Spot, which went live on August 8, 2013, sought to solve this problem. In the two years since, Bottle-Spot has been visited by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, connecting tens of thousands of them to one another and has hosted almost 200,000 listings. We've also been featured in Whisky Advocate and Men's Journal, among others!

In November of 2015, Bottle-Spot entered a truly transformational stage and upgraded to a brand new platform. The culmination of an 8 month development project, the new platform allows us to deliver auctions, feedback and other new capabilities to our users and also serves as a launching pad for a host of new planned features and functionality to launch through the end of 2015 into 2016. Best of all, we've maintained the integrity of our marketplace by continuing to focus on "free" as the way to interact with our users. There are still no high listing or selling fees, and there never will be.

As 2015 comes to a close, we look to 2016 with a tremendous level of excitement and optimism for the site. We intend to continue building on our legacy and platform to deliver our users the best possible experience in our market.


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